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Pushing the Art

Last time, I wrote about moving away from my Poster-a-Day project, and turning it into a Page-a-Day project instead. I went about using the text from that blog post as the source for the content, and complimenting it with imagery I pulled from Unsplash.

The purpose of this exercise is to help me better understand how to progressively move from a more traditional page layout to something a bit more radical and abstract. In the process, I came to a few realizations.

Although I constrained myself to a 2-page spread, there really was too much text to allow this story to breathe. If I was building this piece in a real magazine layout, I would have turned it into two spreads, added more imagery, and been able to have more fun with the space.

I tried to keep most of the typefaces the same from one variation to the next, but I probably would have chosen different typefaces for the different layouts. Maintaining continuity is important with page layouts, and having styles that are unified from page to page make the entire work more cohesive, but in reality, I wouldn’t be putting the same story 5x in the same publication. It’s possible that each of these variations needed an individual style.

I know not all of these layouts work, but they aren’t meant to work. We make our work, and pick the best versions. Day 1 and Day 3 are my personal favorites, but all of these layouts will help me form ideas on future layouts I create.

We push the envelope to test our skills, and then pull back from that edge with a refined sense of what works and what doesn’t.

As I start to formulate ideas for my own high-concept magazine project, this experiment will help define where I’m headed. It will also help me make better decisions when I’m creating pages for client projects.