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It's not a blog post—it's a blog poster!


A couple of ideas crashed into each other today. The first is an email blast I read by Paul Jarvis about how he would rather be referred to as a blogger more than a Content Creator. Without over-explaining this too much, he means that he felt a desire to get back to the kind of writing where he wasn't always trying to hit some sort of marketing hot spot with his words, but instead, writing whatever he felt, when he felt it, and having that be just for the particular readers who enjoy his rants and raves.

The second idea that came to mind is how I had already come to the same conclusion myself but hadn't put it so eloquently, and that I wasn't going to be so concerned about posting on my blog every single Monday just because it's Monday. Instead, I will write when I am inspired to write something, like this post here.

The third idea was that the morning was getting late, and I hadn't tackled my Poster-a-Day project yet, and I wanted to make that happen before I moved onto the rest of my to-do list for the day.

So I'm thinking about Paul's email, and I'm thinking that I want to write about making my own pledge to return to the title of blogger, but I'm also concerned that I should do the poster. That's when the light bulb lit up.

It's not a blog post—it's a blog poster!

I paused there for a moment because as soon as I wrote that statement, I knew that would be the main text imagery on the poster. Yes, I am writing this real time at the same time as I contemplate the visuals.

This is a brand new creative challenge which is exactly the kind of project I need to pursue because what I learn from this moment will not only allow me to create something cool but inform future writing and design decisions.

This may be a one-off idea, or it may become a thing. I'm already thinking of the implications as it applies to a magazine project I'm starting. If I'm able to successfully illustrate this idea in poster form, then I should be able to translate it into magazine pages as well.

The only problem I have at this moment is that I do not know how the story ends, and I won't until the design is finished. These words right here may not be the final words in the story, but I have to stop writing at some point in order to get them onto a page and start designing. That design may need more words, and I will write them, but now let's switch gears and see how this play out.


Here's something I want to add, just as an ironic departure: I think it's interesting that those of us who grew up being told to use the double-space after a period when typing had to learn to eliminate the double-space when it comes to modern typesetting.

Jumping ahead to the era of the smartphone, and we're programmed to hit a double-space in order to generate a (.) period. It's so ingrained that when I'm typing on my laptop, I still hit the double-space once in a while, thinking it will give me a dot at the end of my sentence. Not so much.

And yes, this is going on the poster too.

If you want to see more of our poster-a-day project, check out our Instagram account for daily updates: @tigerheromedia.