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Pick your niche and stick

Today we want to share a history lesson on how Tiger Hero came to be, and what the future holds for the company.  The short version is that for two decades, our founder Dave spent his time as a journeyman, doing various types of work. He was more of a utility artist than a specialist.

• If you needed a brochure or print ad? He could do that.

•  Need a logo designed or brand identity developed? Yep, can do.

• Want to upgrade your website presence? Not his main focus, but ok.

• Thinking about publishing your own magazine? DEFINITELY!

Yes, he could do many types of projects, but definitely stronger at some than others. Something Dave realized recently is that too many designers in this world operate as utility players, but there's not nearly enough craftspeople.

When Tiger Hero launched our most recent magazine template, Vivant, Dave relished in the accomplishment of putting out something beautiful that was built well and will help others make a magazine they can fall in love with.

When we shared the accomplishment on social media, we got back a tremendous amount of positive feedback. It was then Dave realized that Tiger Hero should be leaning into this new idea of specialization.

We are Editorial

Mark the date, because this is the exact point where Tiger Hero planted a flag into the design world to focus solely on creating, and helping others create, high-quality, editorial-oriented, print projects.

That means even though we do have made created other items, such as textures and patterns for purchase, they will no longer be our focus. Instead, you're going to see lots of magazines, micro-zines, look books, catalogs, and perhaps a poster design or two.

The way we see it, holding a magazine while you read it is far superior to looking at something on your computer, tablet, or phone. Tiger Hero is about giving people the tools to make things that help them get their message into the physical hands of others.

And if you're wondering, yes, our products can be used in digital formats, but we are really into the tactile experience of holding onto the 10 lb., heavy, cotton rag, filled with beautiful imagery and compelling content.

Now, if you'd like to get your hands onto something beautiful, check out Vivant, our latest magazine template for Adobe InDesign. It's a fantastic option for people who love food and adventure, but like all of our templates, can be altered to fit any enthusiast subject you prefer. It's adaptable, flexible, and ready for you to make it your own.

We look forward to bringing you even more great design and products, so stay tuned to our updates. [teaser].