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The core philosophy of Tiger Hero is simple—make stuff that helps people do creative things better. THM’s founder, Dave Conrey had an epiphany one day while making some video content. He was struck by the idea of turning all his creative pursuits into something more tangible; something that helps small businesses and other creative people do their thing. It begins with a simple 5-point plan

Start Small

Tiger Hero isn't trying to rule the world in the next 18 months (maybe 24). Instead of a hasty pursuit of success, we prefer to do good work for select companies and individuals, putting a priority on quality over quantity.

Make Products

We make tools to help other creatives do their job more efficiently. Our products are meant to be turn-key tools that help you get started on your products with ease, whether that's print and digital design templates, or tutorials to help you improve your skills.

Provide Services

Our templates are nice, but they may not be the solution to your particular problem. If you’re looking for a more robust solution to your branding needs, Tiger Hero will work diligently to help develop a creative solution that works with your business.

This isn’t just about designing a new logo, business card, or trade show brochure. Instead, we want to know what pain points you have in your business, and figure out a solution to help solve those problems in the most effective way possible.

Give Back Through Training

Whether we make products for purchase, or work with small business clients, there are opportunities to share what we know with others. That means video, lots and lots of video (to come) about ideology, best practices, and simple tutorials around whatever software program we’re using that day.

Deck available upon request.